About our Full Veneer

There is a common misinterpretation of the term “Veneer Stone” within the building industry. Most people hear “Veneer Stone” and think it refers to fake or “Manufactured Stone”.  More appropriate descriptive terms such “Manufactured Veneer Stone” and” Natural Veneer Stone” might help make such a distinction. Rademann Stone and Landscape Co., Inc., only sells “Natural Veneer Stone” whether “Thin Veneer” or “Full Veneer”.

All our Veneer Stone, both Full and Thin, is Quarried in or around the Fond du Lac area. After the Stone is Quarried, the raw product is delivered to our manufacting facilitiy where it is Sawed, Split, and Packaged; ready for distribution. 

Full Veneer Stone is manufactured by taking the raw product and Splitting, Sawing or Cutting the material into individual pieces of Veneer Stone. Full Veneer is approximately 4" thick, compared to Thin Veneer which is 3/4" - 1 1/4" thick. Because of the extra thickness, Full Veneer is about 75% heavier than Thin Veneer. This extra weight makes a Brick Ledge nessisary for installation. Aesthetically there is no difference between Full and Thin Veneer.

Full Veneer is sold by the Ton and covers approximately 35-40 Square Feet per Ton. We package Full Veneer by placing it on a Pallet and Stretch Wrapping the Product. Each Pallet is around 3,000 Lbs (1.5 Ton), unless requested otherwise.

Before installing Veneer Stone we recommend stopping by our Showroom. Our professional staff can provide the supplies or accessories needed for installation, and help guide you through the installation process. We can also recommend a licensed Stone Mason familiar with our products to either assist you or physically install your Veneer Stone.